Video Surveillance Cameras

Video Detection

Video surveillance cameras add another layer of protection and control to your home. With technology increasing, the cost to own a video camera system has dropped dramatically, allowing more and more home owners the protection and convenience of security cameras for their home.

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    Mobile Viewing

    View your cameras from anywhere on your phone.

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    Live Footage

    See who is at your door when you’re in the basement or even when you’re not home.

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    Recorded Footage

    See when someone was on your lawn or approached your house the night before.

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    On-Site Repair or Replacement

    With Action Security behind your cameras, you always know who to call. We repair or replace any equipment that fails for no extra charge, except for damage caused by vandalism or “Acts of God” (see our full service agreement for details).

Video Surveillance Camera System in Louisville, KY

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