Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

Your Louisville, KY home is where you and your family want to feel safe and secure. Your home represents a sizeable financial investment. A burglar alarm system is ideal to protect both your family and your property. There are many burglar alarm systems designed to protect your loved ones and your possessions and these are four of the most popular types for protecting against break-ins.

Wired Alarms

A wired system is a simple, inexpensive setup. The problem with a simple wired system is they are easily disabled or tripped. This can lead to missed alerts or to costly false alarms.

Wireless Systems

A wireless burglar alarm can provide around-the-clock monitoring. This type connects all of your home’s doors and windows. Wireless also lessens the installation expense since no wiring needs to be ran to devices

Smart Home Automation

Smart home devices can help you manage your residence in Louisville, KY. You can control locks from your phone or have them lock and unlock automatically when you leave or approach home. You can adjust your thermostat when you are away to save money. You can turn lights and other devices on or off through your mobile device.

CCTV Systems

A CCTV, or closed-circuit television, structure provides another layer of protection. By adding cameras to a security setup or burglar alarm, you can monitor your Louisville, KY property at all times. Some setups allow for you to monitor remotely using a computer or smartphone.

Leaving your home unprotected is an open invitation to intruders. Installing reliable security measures keeps you one step ahead of them.