Fire Detection

Residential Fire Protection


What a thief might spend hours to steal, a fire can consume in minutes. As a result, while often overlooked, fire protection is the most important form of security. Action Security can cover this for you in the same system with your burglar alarms.

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    Monitored Protection

    If you’re away and your home catches on fire, who will hear the smoke detectors? Action Security monitors your system from our Central Station and dispatches the fire department immediately when we get an alarm.

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    Complete Coverage

    We often visit residents who think they have smoke detectors but on further inspection realize they only have one or two throughout the whole house, that may or may not have working batteries. Our trained security consultants design a plan for your home that insures you have adequate fire protection that works.

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    CO Detection

    Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so it’s nearly impossible to detect without a CO detector. Keep your family safe with Action Security’s monitored CO devices. You’ll hear the beeping in your home, and we’ll call you in case you’re away.

Residential Fire Protection in Louisville, KY

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