False Alarm Commitment

False Alarm Commitment

Worried About False Alarms

One of the biggest reasons people hesitate to get a home security system is because they do not want to deal with potential false alarms. Some home security systems have been improved to reduce the number of false alarms, but it can still be a major concern because there are often fines associated with these events. This is why Action Security of Louisville has a false alarm commitment. We take full responsibility for any false alarms caused by malfunctions with our equipment or services.

We Cover the Fines

Local law enforcement must respond to any alarms, regardless of their validity, because there is no way to know if it is a real event until they get there. However, if there is a false call, they will charge fines to help offset the cost of sending law enforcement or fire crews to the scene. Action Security of Louisville’s false alarm commitment means we will cover those fines if any false alarms are triggered due to the fault of our system operations. If we can, we will work with you to get the fee waived.

Our Systems Are Reliable

We are so confident in our alarm systems, we are proud to offer our false alarm commitment to our customers. You can rely on your system to minimize the number of false alarms you will experience. Because we back these false alarms with our commitment, you can rest assured you won’t be held responsible if the alarm is wrongly triggered due to our equipment.