Areas to Include a Security Camera

Areas to Include a Security Camera

You’ve looked around and found one the best wireless HD home security camera systems available. Maybe you’ve even already talked to a professional about installing it for you. Now you are wondering which are the best places around your Louisville, KY home for putting an 8 camera security system. The professionals can help you work out all the details to ensure your home is safe from intruders. After some research, we’ve concluded there are three areas it is essential to install your cameras.

Near the Front Door

About a third of burglars come right through the front door. Place the surveillance equipment on a second level or in the eaves of the house so it cannot be tampered with. If necessary, enclose a front door camera in mesh wiring to keep it safe from destruction or tampering.

Near the Back Door

Nearly one-fourth of home burglars gain access through back and side doors. It’s a good idea to place portions of the 8 camera security system in these areas. Try to keep them out of the reach of would-be intruders and safe from tampering.

Windows Not in Plain View from the Street

It’s not uncommon for burglars to break a rear window to gain access to your home and your valuables. Cameras strategically placed to allow a view of windows not seen from the street can be useful in these situations.

Once you purchase the right cheap wireless HD home security camera system for your Louisville, KY home, professionals can help you choose the ideal locations to offer the best protection.